Weird question , but this boy I know who likes me to me he was molested by an older man was he was younger and it confuses and bothers him .. I feel bad cause it wasn't his fault but Idk ... It's sooo weird to me ...

confuses him? how? but this isn’t really anything to talk to any of us about. talk to your counselor since it’s free & available right there, then go from there.

Ok people that make hate pages are extra. But wtf are people that make FANpages?? Ugh stalkers as well. Ya be just in her business as much as a hate page.

lmao bye

Lmao Justin Combs really is a male hoe though. He's had more females then India has supposedly had dudes. But his is straight factss. I never knew what she saw in him to be honest. He's the definition of "short & stout" lmao. 😂😂

😩😩😩😩😩 fuck he is lmao

How the hell? Wait so anon were you and yo man having a conversation and he casually brought up that he liked booty and had sex with a man before or did someone tell you? Because I'm confused af right now

this is what i wanna knw! b/c if he didnt tell you himself, he gotta go. cant be trusted

To that anon that lives in Alabama I know exactly what you mean you should leave. I live in Alabama too and they're right the only thing you can do in Alabama is become a teacher or nurse those are the only two options down here that actually produce jobs. I personally want to become a psychologist, and my brother wants to major in computer science so my mom decided that next year we're moving to Denver because they'll be more jobs for her and my brother and I will get a better education.

s/o to moms! go yall! good luck in all that you do!

for that Anon, lmao, its definitely *Coat Tail* not Cotell. 😂 mind yall business. why do yall care so much about what India does with HER life ? is it some how making you money ? you guys have to be like 13. yall are so simple minded and judgemental.


Dump his bi-curious ass ! Lol

like how do you fail to mention that lol. wait, did he tell you or did you find out from someone else anon?